Green Beach Hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of diverse and unique cuisine at the restaurant and bar system on the hotel premises/Khách sạn Green Beach mang đến cho Quý khách cơ hội được thưởng thức ẩm thực phong phú đa dạng và độc đáo tại hệ thống nhà hàng, quầy bar trong khuôn viên khách sạn.

1.ABC Restaurant:

1.1.Location: 04th floor
1.2.Dimensions: 335m2
1.3.Capacity: 180 pax
1.4.Daily open hours: Breakfast:06:00am-10:00am (Weekend: 06:30am-10:30am)
Room service (In room dining): 24/07
1.5.Description: Start your day with a cup of roasted coffee selected from four famous coffee ingredients in Vietnam or a hot croissant? You can freely choose your favorite dishes which are beautifully decorated in buffet style at ABC restaurant. With a team of professional staff and talented chefs, you will be served with a menu of unique dishes with regional and Asian flavors. In addition to the fine wine glasses, melodious music will make your evening more perfect. ABC Restaurant is the right place to enjoy every moment/

2.Pool bar:

2.1.Location: 28th floor
2.2.Dimensions: 86m2
2.3.Capacity: 32 pax
2.4.Daily open hours: Lunch&Dinner: 10:00am-10:00pm
2.5.Description: With a spacious space and beautiful views, you can enjoy unique and attractive drinks, leaving behind the worries to drop yourself to see the city at night and feel the aftertaste of life. The pool bar is luxuriously designed and decorated like a professional restaurant with European style, luxurious and sophisticated cocktails, selected and cared dishes, melodious with romantic and lyrical music will make you feel more relaxed and gentle. All are prepared and served by a team of professional bartenders and chefs of Green Beach hotel. Come to the Pool Bar to explore your own world

3.Lobby bar:

3.1.Location: 01st floor
3.2.Dimensions: 34m2
3.3.Capacity: 32 pax
3.4.Daily open hours: 06:00am-10:00pm
3.5.Description: Located in the main lobby area of the hotel, you can enjoy the great taste of exquisite cups of coffee and scrumptious cakes. A glimpse is enough to make you love this place